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Inspired by the organic elements found in nature, REIGNE is a luxury jewellery brand by husband and wife duo Dana and Zac Aviv. Calling on powerful forms of nature through the use of exquisite materials including diamond, moonstone, sapphire and tourmaline, REIGNE references nature’s unique shapes, textures and colours to create pieces that are bold, sophisticated and beautiful.

As previous part-owners of a renowned family business in Melbourne, Australia that specialised in rare one-of-a-kind pieces from eras including 19th Century Victorian, Art Deco and Retro 40s, Dana and Zac established REIGNE to bring a lifelong vision to fruition where provenance, nature, and a love of old and new all play a part.  Fusing inspirations from nature with hints of the remarkable bygone eras, REIGNE creates modern collections of handcrafted, collectable pieces that deliver the perfect balance between timeless, wearable pieces of art and modern luxury.

dana aviv

dana aviv
Designer and Co-Founder

As a child, Dana spent countless hours exploring rare gemstones and exquisite vintage jewellery in her parents’ atelier, in the jewellery precinct of Melbourne, Australia. Much of the designer’s young adult life was spent travelling overseas attending trade fairs and viewings of Christies and Sotheby’s jewellery auctions and scouring the streets of London, Paris, Buenos Aires and beyond for jewellery from bygone times. It was this exposure to rare pieces that gave Dana an appreciation for intricate designs and the exceptional and unique quality that comes with handcrafted jewellery.

After graduating from Gemology and Jewellery Design at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Dana worked along side some of New York’s diamond district’s finest diamond dealers, where she was privileged to see and trade the rarest of diamonds including yellow, pink and the incredibly rare green diamond. Captivated by these beautiful diamonds and the luxury market, Dana undertook an intensive internship with a jewellery manufacturer specialising in the luxury market to learn and understand the intricacies behind handcrafted high-end jewellery.

Upon returning to Australia with her newborn baby and husband, Dana and Zac went on to manage the family business. It was during these early years of motherhood and working in the jewellery business that the designer’s awe of nature grew even stronger, as she began to see the power of nature through her child’s eyes. Simple pleasures became the most magical experiences, inspiring the designer to create her own magic in the form of nature-inspired jewellery.

With REIGNE, Dana is following her lifelong dream to create art through one-of-a-kind jewellery.

zac aviv

zac aviv

With a passion for diamonds and rare gemstones, Zac came to appreciate the depth and fine work of jewellery whilst managing the family jewellery store located in Melbourne, Australia. Over the years Zac has travelled the globe searching for unique jewellery from Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Victorian periods giving him a fine eye that is trained to look for imperfections and unique details. Zac brings these acquired skills to REIGNE in the form of attention to detail and impeccable quality assessment.

A hopeless romantic at heart, Zac believes in the symbolisation of commitment and love that is represented through diamonds and coloured stones. With a Graduate Gemologist diploma from GIA and a plethora of experience buying, trading and looking at thousands of stones, Zac is skilled in seeing perfect imperfections and the beauty and rarity of each stone.

Born an entrepreneur, Zac is the driving force behind REIGNE’s business strategy and operations. It was Zac who encouraged Dana to pursue her passion and together, they’ve brought Dana’s lifelong dream to fruition.

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